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Our fleet


AITANA B is a 27x12m DP1 Eurocarrier developed together with Neptune Marine. Since delivered in 2016, this swiss army knife workboat, together with her skilled crew, have achieved an outstanding track record of jobs (geotechnical survey, dredging assistance, diving support, ROV-survey for UXO clearance, PLGR, Jack-up barge supply and movements, anchor handling, buoy installation and maintenance, wire lay for pull in/recovery operations, etc..) with different international clients, with zero downtime, due to our continuous maintenance program and always client-project orientated performance. In addition, she’s a highly efficient and capable vessel together with very reasonable consumption.


Our 35x15m DP2 MPSV vessel “NORA B”, delivered April 2019 is a new version of Neptune Marine’s Eurotug 3515, has specially been designed for a variety of DP related jobs in medium to shallow waters such as ROV operations, mass-flow excavation, Geotecnical – Geophysical survey, cable laying, trenching, diving support, mattress installation, etc.., apart from her standard towing, pushing and anchor handling capability.   Her hybrid engineering configuration, by means of 2x 192KW e-drives together with twin 970kW diesel engines, secures optimum performance both station keeping and working as DP1/DP2/sailing at a very efficient bunker consumption, matching client requirements with project weather conditions. On her ample 250m2 working deck, she has a heavy duty knuckle boom crane (with integrated winch) and towing, tugger and anchor-handling winches. Additionally, she can 25ton SWL hydraulically abatable A-frame for increased safety of operations and overall workability.

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