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Our DP2 MPSV “Nora B” has just completed her latest contract agreement with Van Oord, assisting with ROV and survey support operations mainly at the Danish Kriegers Flak (DKF) project in Denmark and at 4 other windfarms in the North Sea as additional scope. Job has been completed to client satisfaction, smoothly and safely, but this time we’ve had a bonus which we’d like to share here:

Van Oord & the DKF project have sustainability as one of the primary goals. In this light, all fleet involved was requested to minimize the fuel consumption, for which a grand prize has been awarded… and it has been decided to grant the DKF “Green Machine” award to our “Nora B”. Daily consumption of the vessel has been around 750L average (including power supply to 2 containers and winch) being on DP in continuous operations, using electric sailing mode when possible, proving “Nora B” as truly ‘green’. Congratulations to crew onboard and team ashore for keeping up with our continuous improvement and “outside the box” approach for a client orientated work. It really makes a difference!
Big thanks to ROVOP and Bluestream Offshore B.V. for the swift cooperation during these last weeks.
We can do better, and we are working in more upgrades!