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Our DP2 workboat “NORA B” (spotted in Rodvig, Denmark) has just completed her first project with Van Oord, at the Danish Kriegers Flak OWF. Great teamwork with ROVOP, carrying out ROV operations.

On top of fullest availability and workability of the vessel, it has been interesting to see that average bunker consumption of the vessel has been about 0,75m3 per 24h during DP operations, running in diesel – electric mode, this including providing power to 2 containers and the umbilical winch. Client feedback has been very positive. Big thanks to our crew for the good work from all!

“NORA B” was back to Den Helder earlier this week, where she has just been mobilized again for a ROV survey job at different offshore wind farms in the North Sea this week, this time with Bluestream Offshore B.V. equipment and ROV specialist onboard