• Zumaia Offshore Fleet
  • Zumaia Offshore Fleet
  • Zumaia Offshore Fleet
  • Zumaia Offshore Fleet
  • Zumaia Offshore Fleet

Friday, 31 January 2014

Delivery of MPP Workboat "SASKIA B"

                        MPP workboat “SASKIA B”, the latest version of Eurocarrier 2611 by Neptune Shipyards in the Netherlands, has recently been delivered to Zumaia Offshore, S.L. This shallow drafted   workboat, a revised version of a proven highly - efficient workboat, is certified by Bureau Veritas, bearing the notation “I ✠ HULL • MACH, SPECIAL SERVICE / MULTIPURPOSE SHIP, UN...

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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Zumaia Offshore working for the BIMEP

Zumaia Offshore, S.L. has developed several projects for the Biscay Marine Energy Platform – bimep during the past months. In collaboration with Azti-Tecnalia, a bathymetric survey of the bimep area seabed was carried out in June. This survey provided helpful data for the upcoming sub sea cable deployment operation. In August, Zumaia Offshore, S.L. was awarded the contract for the installation and maintenance of the navigational aid buoys for the bimep area. 7 buoys were assembled in Bermeo, and then towed an...

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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Zumaia VIII - Sold and delivered

On the 3rd of February 2013, our Shoulbuster type MPP-tug “ZUMAIA OCTAVO” was successfully delivered to her new owners, the Bilbao Port Authority. She has been renamed “EVARISTO CHURRUCA II”.  All the best for their new ...

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Zumaia Offshore Vessels

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We operate high-specification, powerful and versatile workboat vessels for coastal and inland shallow waters, with qualified and experienced crew to tackle the toughest jobs anywhere worldwide.


We offer a quality service at a reasonable price in 3 main fields:

• Dredging operations, moving, connecting, dismantling or repair of all kinds of dredge pipes over an ample deck, with the help of both cranes, supplying of material and MDO / FW through transfer pumps to dredgers, etc..

• Offshore energy projects, assisting to accommodation or cable laying barges, performing port & ocean towage, pushing, anchor & buoy handling, supplying food and equipment, Inspections of the seabed using ROV technique, Sample taking with Vibrocore, etc..

• Marine Civil construction works, such as Hydro demolition works, sea levelling, towage, positioning and submerging of concrete caissons for the construction of breakwaters and quays, power supply for pumping, etc..


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